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Adding Warmth Inside: Indoor Plants

Adding Warmth Inside: Indoor Plants

Snake Plant
If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, snake plants are extremely hard to kill. They need very little light (which means they’re perfect for bathrooms with no windows), and only need watered when their soil is dry. Make sure your pot has drainage holes and do not overwater.

Spider Plant
These spiky little fellows not only look lush and beautiful indoors, they also work to purify the air by cleaning out carbon monoxide. Another fun fact about spider plants is you can easily propagate “cuttings” from the mother plant to new soil.

Bamboo (Areca) Palm

If you’re looking for big impact, you definitely want to invest in an areca palm, which can grow to six feet tall. These beautiful plants can survive low light, but you’ll have to gradually move it from a sunnier spot to your desired area with lower light. Give this guy a big pot and do not overwater.

This hardy plant can adapt to lower light, and if you’re looking for a beautifully cascading plant or something you can pin to the wall, this is your all-star winner. Just be careful if you have pets or children—they are indeed toxic.

Cast-Iron Plant
These slow and steady plants are virtually indestructible, and because of their slow growth you’ll want to make sure you purchase them at the size you currently desire. These plants can survive in low light and any atmosphere or temperature.


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